» 1 – A Letter to your Best Friend.
  • 1 – A Letter to your Best Friend.

    Feb 18th • Posted in love, personal, writing


    This challenge is difficult because I’ve done it in the past– which means I’ve written some form or variant of this first letter a couple different times to various people, most of whom I considered my definitive “best friend” at one point. But, I guess the thing is, none of them are you. Honestly, to even call you my best friend would be a disservice to our relationship because you are more than that. You are my rock, my greatest supporter, and my person. I consider you to be family above all else, and know that even as we grow– that you will be there in some capacity.

    First of all, let me say that I miss you a ton. I haven’t seen you in over a year (it may even hit two years at some point this year,) but I do relish every single conversation we have together– even if it’s just random texts or facebook chats throughout the day. I can’t say we’ve quite mastered the art of a long-distance friendship, but we’re pretty damn close. Sometimes I feel like we’re growing apart and that makes me sad, but then I realise that we’re busy growing up, becoming fully-idealised human beings and learning how to get our shit together. It’s OK for there to be some distance at points in our friendship because somehow, when something terrible happens or there’s a crisis of some sort– we’re both aware that the first person we come running to is each other. So, I no longer claim that we’re growing apart. It’s more like we’re growing up and our relationship is developing and changing with that. That’s OK, and thank you for teaching me that it’s OK.

    Thank you for teaching me how to be there for someone, and what unconditional love in a friendship looks like. I’m surprised we haven’t gotten into more fights over the course of our five years of friendship. We’ve had a couple, but most of them have stemmed from the distance and how rough it is to maintain a best friendship over a massive landspan. I don’t blame you for getting frustrated with me, and I hope you don’t blame me either when I get frustrated with you. Our schedules get busy and shit gets in the way– most normal best friendships result in weekly, timed plan phone calls or Skype calls. Ours doesn’t always happen like that because we’ve prioritised school and our careers. This is also something that is perfectly normal to me, and something that doesn’t bother me. And that’s something that I love about our friendship. While we don’t always quite understand the reasoning behind our passions and ambitions for our respective careers– we still get that it’s something we prioritise over all other things. This mutual understanding keeps us from getting at each others throats when we haven’t spoken to each other in awhile.

    We’ve come a long way from drunk crying and puking in movie theatres (me,) or chain smoking in parking lots (also me) or while making a late night trip to grab fast food (preferrably at Localmotive, but when that didn’t exist– Wendy’s.) I guess this is a letter about nothing, while simultaneously being about everything. I may not always be there physically, but I am always with you in your heart (and pants.) I love you to the moon and back, and thank you for being the person I can call crying at three in the morning. Maybe we’ve past the point to where you probably won’t answer if I call– but at least you’ll IMMEDIATELY message me as soon as you get the drunk, crying voicemail and let me unload and vent. So our friendship has changed a bit– so what? I know who will be standing next to me, nudging me in the ribs and teasing me for changing my mind about “being the hipster who didn’t want to get married– but did anyway.” And I know who will be picking me up from the airport in Omaha for a two hour drive back to Hastings when you finally get hitched.

    You are my person. Thank you for everything. I love you.

    – C

    Note: This was day one in my 30 Day Letter Challenge.