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    7 – to your ex

    Trigger Warning: I write a lot about an emotionally abusive relationship in this post. To an ex, Life is strange. But I am so happy that you were never mine. There was a moment in time where I was wrapped up in you, despite how wrong for me you were. It has been two years and I finally know and have the love that I deserved all along. When I take...

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    life lately: a frank talk about depression.

    [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"] © Sylvie Reuter, 2012[/caption] I chose this comic by Sylvie Reuter to start off this post because it says so much more than I can say in words. Mental illness-- particularly depression-- is such a beast to deal with because before you know it, it has swallowed you whole and you are left with nothing. I write this because I've been feeling it stronger lately. It's...

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    home is where i’m alone with you.

    I have a major test I should be studying for (and I'm trying! I'm rewriting my lecture notes onto a separate word document and it's taken me the whole day to do it-- I'm on my last two, so I'm trying) but I'm taking small-ish breaks in between to write this blog post. It's strange being back in our home, as opposed to my home. Tobi's birthday was a week or so...

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