About the Site

Christa Lei Says… is the second incarnation of a blog (Coeur en Flamme) that focused my relationships with others (romantic or otherwise.) I wrote that blog when I was in my teens, so needless to say– most of the blog posts are about first loves, finding out what I wanted in a relationship, and self-discovery. When I moved to Chicago, my dating/love life blew up and I started gaining more material to write about. I started an anonymous, satirical blog about my sex life called Sex and the Second City— but quickly closed it in favour of writing this blog once I entered (and summarily exited) a failed relationship. Now, I write about a whole smattering of things: mostly good, some bad. I write a lot about my love life. Sometimes I write about my academic career and my path to medical school. Other times, I just can’t think of anything so I spew out random shit. Either way, I’m happy to continue conversation and spark a healthy debate or make new friends.

If you’d like to know some technical stuff… I registered my domain and am hosted by the company A Small Orange. I currently use their Small Shared plan, and that’s been fine for me. I’d highly recommend them if you need a webhost.

This theme… Designed and developed by Carissa at Oh Wild, logo illustration by Susie Nguyen and handwritten calligraphy by Brittany of Adventure and the Wild.

My web history is vast and extensive. I started off learning how to code on the defunct Matmice, moving up to Geocities and Angelfire and Tripod. From there, I was hosted by a couple people, before quitting the web world. When I decided to come back, I ran the popular (also, now-defunct) HSMFO and the band of fansites that followed. While not web designing fan sites, I ended up owning queenofapologies.org, chemicals-react.org, ghosttragedy.org, nylon-heart.org, and kaleidoscope.nu. I currently have a personal tumblr under supchrista.org, and now this blog.

Some disclaimers… All content is mine unless otherwise specified or credited. Also, in the interest of full disclosure: I have used real names on this blog. If you manage to find yourself on this blog and not liking that I’ve used your real name and likeness, feel free to contact me directly about it.

I do not accept sponsorships or advertisements. While this may change in the future, I am a one-woman operation and I have decided not to run my blog like a business. I have an extremely hectic schedule and do not have time to write or support sponsorships or any paid advertising on my website. None of these things would fit the message I try to convey on my blog. I am not a full-time blogger, nor am I trying to become one. While I do not accept these things, if you are looking for a freelancer, I will happily consider a job if you are interested in my writing– but I will not write any of these sponsored posts or take on a job and post it on this website.