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    no worry, chicken curry.

    I'm not Japanese, but I grew up in an area with an abundance of Japanese food-- including the ever-present Japanese curry. Since moving to the Bay Area, I've discovered that there are places that serve the same Japanese comfort food I'm so accustomed to at home-- but none quite like the Japanese chain CoCo Ichibanya, specialising in Japanese kare raisu, or curry rice. The majority of US locations are located in Southern California or...

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    All Things Grow, All Things Grow… Despite spending the majority of my formative years in beautiful Hawaii, I consider Chicago the place where I really "grew up." I started by wandering aimlessly through the crowds on State Street, and made my way towards the blustering winds on the bridges of River North. I found myself flirting with another Midwestern transplant over spicy Szechuan style hot pot in Chinatown, and all at once found myself making out with him in...

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    All About the Body Talk.

    I wrote about the same topic about a year ago, and now I'm revisiting it in this post. It's been a long time coming, and after that post a year ago, my awareness and self-love for my own body has only grown. Admittedly, I've never been one to try diets, the next biggest exercise craze, or any of that junk. In fact, I was probably doing the opposite and treating my...

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    Recounting my Adventures Part 1: London to Paris

    I started this post at the end of my trip. But here's a huge post to recount my adventures. With some pictures. Just some.

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