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    a los angeles of my own

    Los Angeles was one of my most frequent destinations as someone who was born and raised in Hawaii. I've landed at LAX to go to Disneyland, to visit relatives, to send my brother off to college, and just to visit because it's one of the closest cities that connects Hawaii to the continental United States. And because of that, for years, I constantly complained about LA-- it has never been...

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    life lately: the imposter syndrome, amsterdam, and calendars.

    My days have looked a lot like this lately, so I don't really know what to say to you, really. I could tell you that my life is in a complex state at the moment: I'm always busy finishing a paper or studying for an exam (thank you, Immunology-- the only class where I seem to have something due each week,) but I feel stagnant, and my life seems to be...

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    home is where i’m alone with you.

    I have a major test I should be studying for (and I'm trying! I'm rewriting my lecture notes onto a separate word document and it's taken me the whole day to do it-- I'm on my last two, so I'm trying) but I'm taking small-ish breaks in between to write this blog post. It's strange being back in our home, as opposed to my home. Tobi's birthday was a week or so...

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    I see in Shades of Blue. You listened to Joni Mitchell's Blue while you were abroad. Some might say you listened to it an unhealthy amount, but you beg to differ. Something about the timbre of her voice resonates with travelling, long distance train rides and loneliness. Because that's what the feeling really was, right? Loneliness? Familiar faces turned into remnants of their former selves. Travelling changes a person-- there's something about being alonenakedafraid that either helps their personality shine, or...

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