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    Jun 13th • Posted in love, personal, travel, writing

    sometimes i get bored and i write haikus.

    this is about my eurotrip.


    your lips tasted of

    perigord truffles. god damn


    paris i. 

    we shared a stale joint,

    post-coital gourmet pizzas

    in your tiny flat.

    paris ii/iii.

    the ménage a trois?

    almost, but not quite– more like

    ménage a your fist.

    paris iv.

    viscous crimson chunks

    not aware of their prescence

    on pristine white sheets

    paris v.

    your fingers tickled

    the curvature of my hips.

    i fell instantly.

    prague i.

    you tugged on my hips

    with your grubby paws– maybe

    if you were older.

    prague ii.

    not as advertised.

    crooked teeth and goofy laugh,

    but you were so sweet.

    paris v, pt deux.

    i’m such a sucker

    for sweeping, epic gestures

    ending in failure.


    i felt like drowning

    in your aquamarine eyes

    and syrupy voice.


    billowing clouds of

    smoke, you manifested as

    jazz in B minor.