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    knee deep

    Here's where I am in terms of this summer: Knee deep in Physics and denial. To be frank, I've got myself in a bit of a pickle with an intensive summer course (again,) but I'm fighting my way through it with a lot of hard work and a lot of self-love and self-care (and unfortunately, impulsive purchases. Sorry, mom.) The anxiety from my ADHD hasn't come out full force simply...

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    when to cut out shitty people

    I'd really like to tell everyone about my experiences in Portland without injecting some important moment of clarity in there-- but of course, that wouldn't be authentic to my style of writing, and honestly, I cannot see Portland without a particular event colouring the entire trip. That being said, Portland was wonderful. Portland is a strange place because it reminds me so much of San Francisco, but more relaxed and...

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    life lately: the imposter syndrome, amsterdam, and calendars.

    My days have looked a lot like this lately, so I don't really know what to say to you, really. I could tell you that my life is in a complex state at the moment: I'm always busy finishing a paper or studying for an exam (thank you, Immunology-- the only class where I seem to have something due each week,) but I feel stagnant, and my life seems to be...

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    fresh starts: spring semester

    I might be getting ahead of myself when I say this but: damn, I feel really good about this semester. I'm thinking it's partly because I'm aware that this will be my last semester in my post-bacc program, but also-- I'm giving myself another year to reflect and think about what I really want. While I was grappling with the options, I have officially decided to take an additional year off to work,...

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