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    Jul 04th • Posted in personal


    Sorry, y’all. I’m working on a really positive post (good news! So excited to share it with you. Might be mundane and meaningless to you, but for me– it’s a pretty great thing and I’m excited to write about it and share it with you.) But I decided to write a post that would update you on my life and share some of my recent favourites!

    Firstly, thank you so much to Kerri for the gorgeous layout. She runs Olive Kite, so if you need a layout– you won’t do much better than Kerri. It’s the right timing, and I know I only recently changed my layout, but with the new changes that have happened in my life… good timing to change the layout too, right?

    Secondly, the cute little chibi blinky in the sidebar? Thank you to Katsai. It’s cute as fuq. ALRIGHT.

    Anyway, onto the updates, and some Friday favourites!

    The upcoming post will be waxing about letting go. I’m working on it, but safe to say– I’ve reached a place where I’ve accepted letting go someone that I care deeply about. It is a good thing. The relationship between us went sour a long time ago, but I was too stupid to walk away from something so toxic because I idealised him. Recognising and walking away from toxic people is extremely important. I feel like I can breathe again. It’s something that I’m so proud of doing, despite how simple it might seem. It’s difficult to let go or walk away from someone you love. However, when it’s unhealthy like it was between myself and this person, you just need to cut it off. The constant distance, misunderstanding and miscommunication just did us in. I’ll write about it in a later post when I can formulate my thoughts. Just know that I’m happy right now, and this person is no longer in my life. I still care deeply about him, but maybe it’s better off this way.

    OK, moving on.

    I’ve been addicted to… Just Friends (Sunny)- Musiq: I know this song is really old, but I was recently creating a playlist based off the aforementioned relationship in the vein of R&B, Soul and Neo-Soul– and this song came up. I’m so addicted to the beatboxing, the sampling of the classic ‘Sunny,’ and how chill it seems. I absolutely adore this song and would love to hear it as an acapella arrangement. Seriously, I know it’s old– but I’d love to hear it as an acapella arrangement. The beatboxing and the layered harmonies just lend it to acapella. I would (seriously) sleep with someone if they sang it to me. I would totally bang (to) this song.

    I’m really enjoying… my kickboxing/CrossFit style workout at Updog Yoga GymNot sure if I mentioned it yet– but I started kickboxing again! I’ve been working with my new trainer (though you know I miss you, Aderrick- main steeze!) Erik, and he’s been really pushing me to work harder. It’s sort of this weird CrossFit-y type circuit training that includes a shit ton of cardio kickboxing. Honestly, right now I’m at 30-30 (training, then rest) with the rest between circuits only at 90 seconds now. For someone that hasn’t exercised in a really long time, this is pretty impressive. I’m having a lot of fun, and I’ve never worked so hard with such little weight. We use a lot of kettlebells– but most of the exercise is coming from myself. I can’t wait to take these skills to Oakland and modify them and start self-motivating my own workouts. Plus, I like to run to the beach after my workouts are done. Kailua Beach is only 5 minutes (less than that) if I walk, so I’m spending a lot of time around/near the beach. smile

    What have you been up to? What are you listening to? Anything new in your life?