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    Aug 18th • Posted in culture, fashion, personal


    Courtesy Nadine of Snap Me Pretty Photography

    I don’t normally do blogs like these, but I thought I would stop being so hard on myself and just… go for it? I struggle with keeping this blog active, and I do have many things to say and a lot drafted, but I find it difficult to keep powering on with a rough draft if I lose my train of thought. And since I have ADHD, this is often. So, instead of trying to craft a perfect, thoughtful essay and struggling to publish it– I thought that I should just post one of these instead, in order to give myself a light, easy breezy type of post! So here we go, here are my favourite things of Summer 2016, which is coming to a close. There is definitely no rhyme or reason to my post– I just want to write about things I’ve enjoyed over the past couple of months. I’ve also mostly neglected writing about travel in these posts, since I’ve done (and will continue to do) a lot of travelling over the past couple of months.

    Let’s get on with this though! (Note: This post is not sponsored, I do have referral links to some of the services or websites on here, but these are my completely honest opinions on the products and services that I believe in. I am not receiving any compensation for any of the products listed here– although AW, if you want to sponsor a lady, I would not oppose to your buttery baggggsssss. That being said, unless you sign up for a couple of the services, I don’t make any money off of them. That’s it. Thank you.)

    Alexander Wang Rocco Bag



    Bag: Alexander Wang Rocco in soft black leather with pale gold hardware (similar here)

    I have to start off with my favourite purchase of this summer– my Alexander Wang Rocco bag. This is not a great representation of the bag, but it’s a large, smooshy and soft leather carryall with beautiful pale gold studs on the bottom. The only things I don’t like about it are the fact that it gets really heavy if you pack the entire thing full, the zip opening is a bit too small to fit things inside (like, I can fit my tablet in the bag, however, it has to manuevered in a strange way to get it to fit,) and I also cannot wear it as a crossbody (it sits too high on my body and tugs at my neck, not my shoulder.) Otherwise, I can fit so much into it, and it’s a beautiful bag. Seriously, this bag fits my Surface Pro 4, my large backup iPhone charger (the size of a small kindle,) a full-sized water bottle, my wallet, my laptop & iPhone chargers, and even more! It’s been my dream bag for a long time, but it’s been difficult for me to obtain it due to price. Luckily, I was able to buy a pre-loved one from Trendlee at a reasonable (more than half off the original) price. It’s neutral, so it fits almost everything in my collection well, and it also looks so gorgeous on anyone’s shoulder. If you’re in your twenties to thirties, have a bit of an edgy sense of fashion (or just like studs, like I do,) and are willing to invest in a gorgeous bag– I would definitely take a look at this bag from Alexander Wang. Actually, I just adore his whole collection. I recently acquired a Mini Emile crossbody of his (also pre-loved for over half off the original price from Fashionphile’s eBay outlet,) which is a little more structured and also just as beautiful.

    Rachel Antonoff Collection for Gwynnie Bee

    In the same fashion vein, I’m also loving Rachel Antonoff’s exclusive collection for Gwynnie Bee. I’ve always really liked Antonoff’s prints, but due to the sizing, I’ve never been able to wear her collection. Recently, Gwynnie Bee announced that they were coming out with an exclusive collection in collaboration with Rachel Antonoff– utilizing her most famous prints in more inclusive sizes. I have a couple of items from this collection, but I definitely love the frog print shift dress (not pictured), and the dress I’m wearing in this picture here. I find that her sizing runs a bit large, but with the help of a tailor, I’m sure it’ll fit a little better. The material is comfortable and very wearable. This dress I’m wearing in particular has a cutout in the back, which is adventurous for some women– but makes me feel so happy that they’re very plus size inclusive with their silhouettes. I normally stick to fairly neutral clothing, but the prints are very vivid and help me inject some much-needed colour into my wardrobe. I’m a sucker for the prints and the silhouettes. I urge you to check out Rachel Antonoff’s stuff if you are of normal sizing, and if you’re sizes 10-28, maybe shell out a couple extra dollars a month to subscribe to Gwynnie Bee to try it out. You can have a free month on me to try it if you’d like, just click here.

    Nadine of Snap Me Pretty Photography

    Courtesy of Nadine from Snap Me Pretty Photography

    Courtesy of Nadine from Snap Me Pretty Photography

    Another favourite of mine from this summer was not really an item, but more so a service that I utilised whilst in the Netherlands with my boyfriend. T and I travel bunches, but we don’t often have pictures together because it’s usually just the two of us when we’re travelling. As a gift to my boyfriend, I contacted Nadine from Snap Me Pretty Photography to help me out with a couples photoshoot around Amsterdam so that we could have beautiful memories with the both of us. I can honestly tell you that while I’ve gone on shoots with other photographers, Nadine made our couples photoshoot experience comfortable and easy. It’s always difficult to pose in front of a camera because it feels forced, but Nadine gives us little exercises and suggestions to encourage our true personalities to come out on film. And because we aren’t originally from the area (my boyfriend is from another town in the Netherlands, and I am from Hawaii,) we were at a loss as to where to take our pictures, and how to get the best shots of Amsterdam while still focusing on us. Nadine went out of her way to plan a route, and then even took us out for coffee afterwards– she did some amazing GIF work of us as well. If you’re in the Netherlands or South Africa, I highly recommend shooting with Nadine. Her work is beautiful and she’s such a fun person to work with– we’ll definitely work with her again the next time we’re in the Netherlands.

    And last but not least…


    On the 5th floor of SFMOMA

    On the 5th floor of SFMOMA

    Admittedly, this isn’t my favourite museum of contemporary or modern art (I have to give that up to the MoMA in New York,) SFMOMA’s been redone to fit with the times. It does get exceptionally crowded, and I don’t find that they have a lot of interesting pieces that I’ve seen in other museums– however, I do find their space to be exceptionally gorgeous, and their membership prices are outstanding (you can get a whole lot out in just one or two visits, especially if you have guests with you!) There are a couple of fairly famous pieces of work there that I would recommend going to if you only have a couple of hours: Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain, Henri Matisse’s Femme au chapeau, Frida Kahlo’s Frieda & Diego Rivera and a couple of Magritte paintings that are wonderful. They have a Pollock or two in their collection, and an extensive collection of Warhol on their fifth floor, which exhibits pop art. I’ve struggled with the concept of modern art in general, but I like that SFMOMA is a modern art museum that not only showcases said art, but constantly makes you question what art is, and what forms it can take. We ate at their restaurant In Situ (curated by the famous Corey Lee of Benu fame) and enjoyed it, despite the high price point (even at lunch!) Even at their restaurants, we were constantly challenged on what art was– In Situ‘s menu served as a sort of ‘food as art’ concept where different chefs around the world donated their recipes to the restaurant and the chefs there present you their interpretation of the recipe. They also have a beautiful outdoor sculpture garden cafe, and a Sightglass Coffee on the third floor where there is also another outdoor sculpture garden and the “Living Wall.” I’d like to go back to SFMOMA when it  isn’t so crowded– it was a bit overwhelming for both my partner and myself, but I can’t wait for their rotating exhibits as well!