» To the men I’ve dated in Chicago…
  • To the men I’ve dated in Chicago…

    Oct 20th • Posted in love, personal

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    • Tim

      There are certain things that people say that are the exact opposite of what they mean. Like you said, “I don’t want to hurt you” means “I’m about to hurt you”, much in the same light that “with all due respect” means “you’re a twatwaffle”.

      • christalei

        Haha yes indeed. To his credit, his message was very sweet and well-intentioned. Just not very wise to do through a facebook message.

        • Tim

          I made a similar mistake myself once. I was 20 and had never broken up with anyone before. On top of that, the girl I was dating at the time was extremely intimidating, so I broke up with her over instant message. It was a terrible idea, but at the same time, I can understand the intentions.

          • christalei

            I understand completely. I am not exactly the easiest to deal with. I’m super laid back, but I’m intense hahaha. I can get why a man would break things off in that fashion but anything is better than text/im/fb message!

            • Tim

              I can’t dispute that at all. I regret having broken up with someone that way, even five years removed from the occurrence.

    • TK

      you make me want to write my own artical like this.
      There’s “thank you for showing me that I had more self esteem than I realized” man and “thank you for reminding me why I need to get out of this small town” man.

      Hmmm…. well, if that post does happen, I’ll be sure to link back to you. You have more stories to share than I do and I think a lot of people would find them interesting. On some level, they provide a lesson about relationships.

      (p.s. I got here through 20SB)

      • christalei

        Thanks for visiting! :) Yeah, I definitely have a lot of guys I’ve dated… probably more than I intended to. Online dating tends to exacerbate those adventures. It’s been fun, but I’m trying to look to settle down eventually– and more focus on myself in the next year.

        These are just the guys I dated in Chicago! I feel like I’ve done a post like this in the past with some longer-term boyfriends from high school, etc. but dating/relationships teach you more about yourself than anything. Good luck with your own blog post if you want to write one. I can definitely tell you it’s very cathartic.