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  • Slow Transitions into Travel

    Feb 05th • Posted in personal, travel

    I haven’t been using this blog for much lately. For that, I’m sorry.

    Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

    1. Finishing up my last year of undergraduate: So. Soon. So. Done. All the feelz. None of the motivation. Yuck. I’m struggling with writing fiction– as I’ve realized my niche is either poetry or creative nonfiction. Too bad the rest of my work is in fiction. Woo….
    2. Work: I started really working at University of Chicago’s hospital on Mondays for an internship. Basically, I cold recruit and consent for studies. I’ve basically been crushing the shit out of it. To the point where  networking seems to be going smoothly, and I met the new head of the Gastroenterology department who basically told me we should sit down and talk about my future plans. (I’ll get to start shadowing, yaaaaaas!) It’s nice to feel like I’m doing something when my other internship has been in a bit of a lull.
    3. Poster for the MPA: Yep. SCRA accepted my poster. Now I have to redo it and I won’t even be here. However, I have two posters coming up and that will be awesome.
    4. Getting used to being single: Or, rather: Getting used to being single and not having someone as a backup, or someone to talk to. Since my first boyfriend, I don’t think I’ve ever truly been single. Yes, I haven’t had a boyfriend– but throughout that time, I always had men to talk to, flirt with, do stuff with, lead to more. For the first time in SEVEN YEARS, I don’t. It’s weird and I’m still getting used to it. I’ll get there eventually, but I know the last time I was like this (last year,) I was comfortable with the prospect of being single. I  had come off the heels of a failed PlentyOfFish encounter (yuck, POF) that went nowhere for 2-3 months, and wanted to be single. Just when I embraced it, about to delete my OkCupid account– my (now-ex) boyfriend messaged me and the rest was history.
    5. Most importantly– planning for my EuroTrip!

    That being said, I’m slowly transitioning this blog into one about my travels– recounting experiences that I have/will have over the next couple of months and documenting preparations for my first solo backpacking trip through Europe.

    Can’t wait to write more!